Virgin Atlantic Has New Upper Class Kit

Virgin Atlantic today launched a brand new Upper Class travel kit for all passengers travelling on flights into and out of London Heathrow. The kit has been designed in conjunction with cutting-edge designer cosmetics company, Space.NK.
The new amenity kit comes in a sleek Space.NK bag available in a choice of three colours - Olive, Opal and Red - and can be reused as a wash bag or make-up bag. Inside the bag SPACE.NK.BODY and SPACE.NK.HAIR products have been carefully selected containing the uplifting and energising blends of laughter fragrance together with the soothing and calming blends of stillness.  These blends come in space-saving sachets of intensive moisturising balms, luxurious body washes, bath tablets and volumising shampoos and moisturising conditioners. The pack also includes two dual use products - a new mirror/clothes brush in one and a unisex bandana/hanky in three different stripy designs.
The updated amenity kit is filled with added extras including redesigned eyeshades in cord and cotton twill with a double headband for extra comfort and earplugs enabling passengers to get a good night’s sleep, new improved cotton mix SID socks, breath freshening Tic Tacs, a toothbrush along with Colgate toothpaste and a pen. 
Dee Cooper, Head of Product for Virgin Atlantic said:
“In redesigning our Upper Class amenity kit we felt it was important to link up with a new brand which complimented the Virgin Atlantic experience and Space.NK fitted the bill perfectly.
“The items included in the kit were all carefully selected with the aim of not only providing the passengers with stylish yet practical products to enhance their onboard experience but also to extend the Virgin experience to the hotel and beyond by providing shampoos and bath gels. These products can be used at passengers’ final destination, future weekends away or treats at home.
“The current trend for single dose minimal cosmetics is just what our Upper Class passengers` modern lifestyles demand. Space NK sachets now enable us to give our passengers an extensive range of products which are compact and portable for their onward travel experience “
The amenity kit was designed by Emma Lally, Virgin Atlantic’s in-house designer, in association with Space.NK and Dominic Hale from Halegen - Space NK’s design agency.
For further information or samples and photography of the new products please contact the Virgin Atlantic Press Office on 01293 747373 or log onto the Virgin website