Star Alliance Welcomes EU Decision

å“The European Commissionå‘s official approval of the cooperation between Star Alliance members Lufthansa, SAS and United in the transatlantic market is a landmark decision that will allow the airlines to work more closely together and strengthen their competitiveness. We are pleased with the Commissionå‘s clear statement that the Lufthansa-SAS-United alliance brings benefits to the consumers in terms of reduced fares and increased frequencies,å” said Jaan Albrecht, CEO of Star Alliance, commenting on the EU Commissionå‘s decision to close the proceedings into the case.

The U.S. regulatory authorities approved the Lufthansa-SAS-United cooperation in 1996.

Juergen Weber, Chairman of Lufthansa, said the EU Commission’s decision to approve the alliance has “groundbreaking significance” for the aviation sector.

“It provides legal stability and a secure planning framework and means that customers can continue to rely on a consumer-friendly alliance,” he said.



Glenn Tilton, United’s Chairman, President and CEO emphasized, “The ability to coordinate and cooperate is essential to our efforts to compete and we can now do so in a more effective manner. We are gratified that the Commission came to the conclusion that our alliance will provide important consumer benefits and enhance inter-alliance network competition.”