Gulf Air Discontinue Bookings Policy

As a result of better utilisation of its advanced Information Technology systems, Gulf Air, the national carrier of Bahrain, UAE, Oman and Qatar, has announced that effective 15 November it will discontinue its flight reconfirmation policy affecting system-wide flights. 
The latest effort by the airline to ‘go the extra mile’ for its passengers will provide a new convenience for travellers, who will no longer have to reconfirm their flight bookings.  At the same time the change in policy will allow sales offices to become more proactive in how they serve their customers.

“Gulf Air is able to discontinue the policy on requiring passengers to reconfirm their return journeys as a result of improved utilisation of our IT systems.  This is part of a drive to enhance the level of services provided to our customers, which in this instance is convenience,” said John Butler, Vice President, Marketing & Sales, Gulf Air.

The change in policy will also free the time of sales agents so that they can interact with customer enquires on a proactive basis instead of spending a large amount of time processing reconfirmation requests.