Airbus Corporate Jetliner Wins U.S Approval

The Airbus Corporate Jetliner (ACJ) has won Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval for both scheduled service and private operations in the USA, paving the way for first deliveries to North American customers.

Based on the A319 airliner of the popular A320 family, the ACJ differs mainly in having up to six extra fuel-tanks in its cargo-hold as well as a higher ceiling of 41,000 ft, and comes with built-in airstairs for rapid access at remote airports.

The FAA`s granting on an ACJ type-certificate builds on the approval already gained by the A320 family in the United States, where more than 600 of the aircraft are already in widespread airline service. It clears the way for ACJ operations to FAR Part 121 standards - the highest in the business-jet world.

The Airbus Corporate Jetliner (ACJ) continues to achieve success in the top-of-the-line business jet market, with more than 30 commitments to date. A total of 14 ACJ have been delivered, 12 of which are in service. It is the ideal transport for either business or charter travel, as well as for corporations.

The ACJ has the best cabin in its class, with twice the width of traditional business jets and three times the volume. It is certificated for public transport, and is unique in offering fly-by-wire and Category 3B autoland. Yet it costs about the same as competing top-of-the-line business jets, delivering unmatched quality and value.


The ACJ is also a good neighbour, meeting today`s demanding Stage 3 regulations on quietness, and is also environmentally friendly with low emissions.

Airbus is an EADS joint Company with BAE SYSTEMS