American Airlines Shift Terminals at DFW

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines and its regional affiliate American Eagle will switch terminals at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, effective Feb. 1, 2003, making their combined operation at American’s largest hub more seamless and customer friendly.

“Early next year, we’ll begin operating all American flights from terminals A and C on the east side of the airport,” said Gerard Arpey, American’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “When we ‘de-peak’ our DFW operation on Nov.1 we’ll need fewer gates, and we’ll be able to operate all American flights from the two terminals.”

At the same time, American Eagle will move its entire regional jet operation from its satellite terminal and gates at Terminal A to Terminal B. American Eagle will continue to operate turboprop flights from its satellite terminal.

“This is great news for Eagle customers,” said Peter Bowler, President- American Eagle. “By February, customers will board virtually all American Eagle flights using jetbridges. Regional jet flights and some turboprop flights will operate from Terminal B using the existing jetbridges, and passengers bound for most turboprop destinations will continue to depart from our satellite terminal, which is served continuously by new buses leaving every two minutes.”

Arpey said that in addition to the customer benefits of having all American flights on the same side of the airport and providing Eagle customers with virtually 100 percent covered boarding, the airline will save at least $4.5 million annually at a time when American is fighting to return to profitability.


Arpey said the new de-peaked structure, which is coming to DFW in about two weeks, will mean flights will arrive and depart on a more continuous basis. Customers will have a little more time to get to their connecting flights and they will notice that the terminal is a little less crowded as well.

“We view this as a positive development for our customers and our shareholders,” he said. “We’ll gain efficiencies by consolidating the American operation at DFW into two terminals from three, and American Eagle will save busing expense while providing better service at the same time.”

Customers traveling on American or American Eagle flights out of Dallas/Fort Worth after Feb. 1 should call 1-800-267-2222, visit or call #AA from a mobile phone to check for updated gate information.

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