US Airways and Mesa Reach Agreement

US Airways has reached an agreement with Mesa Air Group, Inc., to begin flying 20 additional 50-seat regional jets as part of the US Airways Express network, with the first of these aircraft to begin service in December 2002. All 20 of the regional jets will be integrated into the US Airways Express network during 2003.

As part of the agreement, which is subject to U.S. bankruptcy court approval, Mesa Air Group plans to participate in US Airways’ “Jets for Jobs” program allowing some of this new regional jet flying to be done by furloughed US Airways pilots.

Mesa Airlines currently operates as a US Airways Express carrier, using a combination of regional jets and turbo-prop aircraft in 38 US Airways markets. Mesa Airlines, along with other subsidiaries of parent company Mesa Air Group, operate 32 regional jets and 41 turbo-prop aircraft as US Airways Express.

US Airways Express’ three wholly-owned subsidiaries and seven affiliate carriers currently operate more than 2,000 flights daily, serving 161 destinations in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean.

Reporters needing additional information should contact US Airways Corporate Communications at (703) 872-5100.