SWISS 3rd Q Passenger Figures

In the third quarter 2002, SWISS was able to welcome 3.48 million passengers on board its scheduled services. The seat-load factor was 77.3 per cent. In the second quarter, on the identical route network, 3.28 million passengers were carried, with a load-factor of 70.8 per cent. This means that the seat-load factor was improved by 6.5 percentage points.

On the European route network, 2,658,037 passengers were carried in the third quarter. This represented an increase of 4.5 per cent over the number transported in the second quarter. The seat-load factor has increased month by month and reached a value of 63.8 percent in September. The average for the quarter was 63 per cent, compared with 59.2 per cent in the second quarter.

In the third quarter, 826,809 passengers were carried on the intercontinental routes. Compared with the 733,501 passengers transported in the second quarter, this represented an increase on 12.7 per cent. The seat-load factor in September was 84.2 per cent and lay below the highest value of 86.3 per cent recorded in August. The average seat-load factor for the third quarter was 84.4 per cent, as opposed to 76.9 for the second quarter.

The complete traffic statistics can be called up on the Homepage under (Section “Unsere Firma” > “Investor Relations” >“Präsentationen”). SWISS will announce its financial results for the third quarter on November 27.