United Best Operating Month in History

CHICAGO, Oct. 2, 2002 - United Airlineså’(NYSE: UAL) system operating performance for the month of September was the best the company has recorded for any month in its 76-year history.

Last month`s flights arriving within 14 minutes of schedule (the yardstick used by the U.S. Department of Transportation to calculate on-time performance)averaged 89.22% which easily beat the company`s 86.30% record set eight years ago in October 1994.

Three of the records United broke last month were set in May 2002:

- United`s September departure completion rate of 99.66% compared to May`s 99.56%;

- United`s on-time departure :00 (flights leaving exactly on time) performance of 79.63% was almost four percentage points higher than May`s record of 75.71%;


- And the company`s key early morning departures at 87.89 for September beat May`s record of 85.29%.

“Our employees have done a phenomenal job of running the best operation in United`s history,” said Pete McDonald, senior vice president-Airport Operations.

“When you realize that canceled flights cost the company about $7,000 apiece and each delay minute costs the company about $43, an excellent operation means great service for our customers and cost savings to United as well.”

United operates 1,900 scheduled flights daily on a route network that spans the globe. For more information on United, go to www.united.com and click on press releases.