American Launch shareAAmiles

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines today announced the launch of its new shareAAmiles program, which allows members of the AAdvantage Travel Awards Program to transfer miles to another member’s account.

The shareAAmiles program is only available online and allows members to transfer up to 60,000 miles total each year to other members’ accounts. And members may receive up to 15,000 miles into their accounts annually. The program, which runs through Dec. 31, 2002, is open to all AAdvantage members worldwide.

The shareAAmiles program is a natural outgrowth of the AAdvantage Program’s popular buyAAmilessm and giftAAmilessm programs which allow AAdvantage members to quickly and conveniently purchase miles online for themselves, friends and family members.

“The new shareAAmiles program provides yet another way for AAdvantage members to help friends and family members reach the awards they want,” said Ed French, President- AAdvantage Marketing Programs. “Based on the strong member response to both the buyAAmiles and giftAAmiles programs, we think shareAAmiles will be very popular.”

The transfer of miles from one member’s account to another`s is done online by accessing and selecting the “purchase miles” link, or going directly to, then scrolling down to the shareAAmiles section. A US$25 transaction fee for up to three transactions and a transfer fee based on number of miles transferred apply. A transfer of 1,000 to 5,000 miles is US$50; 6,000-11,000 miles is US$100; and 11,000-15,000 miles is US$150. Miles are credited to the recipients’ accounts within seven days.


With the buyAAmiles program, AAdvantage members may purchase up to 15,000 miles per calendar year for their AAdvantage accounts. The giftAAmiles program is a unique way for AAdvantage members to give the gift of travel and other rewards. Each member may receive up to 15,000 AAdvantage miles as a gift. These miles are in addition to the miles a member may purchase through the buyAAmiles program or receive from another member’s account under the shareAAmiles program. Like the shareAAmiles program, the buyAAmiles and giftAAmiles programs are also accessed on and at

The programs are powered by technology developed by Points International Ltd. In addition to the buyAAmiles, giftAAmiles and shareAAmiles programs, AAdvantage members may also exchange frequent-flier miles and points from other loyalty programs for AAdvantage miles with the world’s first online loyalty currency exchange, pointsxchange, at

About the AAdvantage Program: American’s AAdvantage Travel Awards Program - the first and largest of its kind - began in 1981 with 283,000 members and has grown to more than 45 million members worldwide. The AAdvantage program has more U.S. fliers than any other frequent traveler program, and it provides more opportunities to redeem miles than any other program.

About Points International Ltd : Points International is forging mutually rewarding partnerships with the world`s leading loyalty players to deliver compelling value propositions. Through its proprietary technology platform, Points International offers a portfolio of innovative solutions to enhance the loyalty experience. The cornerstone of their unique loyalty program asset management system is pointsxchange, the world`s first loyalty program currency exchange that allows consumers to earn rewards faster by making all of their points count. Points International’s growing portfolio of custom solutions includes the innovative pointspurchase solution, which powers the online sale of miles and points to members of leading loyalty programs including American Airlines. Based in Toronto, Points International’s shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange under the stock symbol PTS. Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Points International Ltd. More information is available at