Ryanair Thanks 847,613 Passengers

Ryanair, Europeå‘s only low fares airline, today published the number of seats which it sold during its recent free seat sale spanning a ten day period from Tuesday the 17th of September to Thursday the 26th September. A total of 847, 613 seats were sold during the period and represented the airlineå‘s biggest ever response to a seat sale.

Commenting on the figures today, Ryanair’s Commercial Director, Michael Cawley said:

“We are delighted with the outcome of our seat sale and want to thank all of the passengers who took advantage of the free seat offer. The massive response to the seat sale is testament to Ryanair’s unique ability to make such a large number of seats available at times which meet the travel requirements of so many passengers. During this seat sale we were taking up to 33 million hits per day on our website and over 11,000 bookings an hour. This level of customer satisfaction is proof positive that when it comes to giving customers what they want in terms of customer service and especially the lowest fares, Ryanair is the number one airline in Europe.”