KLM Changes Refund Policy

AMSTELVEEN, October 1, 2002 å—As of October 1, 2002 KLM will make far-reaching changes to its refund policy along the route to and from the Dutch Antilles. By introducing these measures, KLM hopes to bring an end to the ongoing disruption of order and safety aboard its aircraft by drug couriers. At check-in, all passengers will receive a letter apprising them of the new policy.

On the Antillean side, the measure boils down to the fact that people suspected of illegal possession or transportation will be refused access to KLM aircraft. Their tickets will be invalidated and they will not be offered any refund. The identification of an individual as a suspect and the measures resulting from this will be the responsibility of the local authorities. Any passengers who feel they have been unjustly accused will have to apply to the appropriate authorities. KLM accepts no liability in such a case.

On the Amsterdam side, government specialists will be identifying potential drug couriers according to set profiles. Anyone suspected of these activities will be accorded a ‘negative travel advisory’, after which time KLM will refuse them access to their aircraft. Their tickets will be stamped to indicate that they may not travel to the Dutch Antilles. In such a case, KLM will not offer the passengers any refund.

During the preliminary phase of these new measures, KLM will introduce extra safety measures to protect their staff. In the interest of safety, no further mention of these measures will be made.