US Airways Shuttle Leapfrogs Competition With Quintuple Performance Guarantee

US Airways, the only airline offering hourly Shuttle service every business day between Boston, New York and Washington, D.C., is leading the industry with five reliability guarantees that highlight its superior level of service.
On-time Guarantee: If a US Airways Shuttle flight departs the gate more than five minutes late, all Dividend Miles members on the flight will receive 1,500 bonus miles, which count toward their Preferred status.
Seat Guarantee: If a US Airways Shuttle customer arrives at the gate at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure and cannot be accommodated within 30 minutes of the scheduled departure because the flight is full, the member will receive a $200 travel voucher.

Counter-to-Gate Guarantee: If a US Airways Shuttle customer is unable to get from the check-in counter or electronic ticket kiosk to the gate in 20 minutes or less, he or she will receive a $200 travel voucher.
Reliability Guarantee: If a US Airways Shuttle flight is cancelled for ANY reason on the day of departure, Dividend Miles members on the flight will receive 10,000 bonus Dividend miles.
Jet Bridge Guarantee: If any US Airways Shuttle customer is forced to board a US Airways Shuttle flight outdoors without a jet bridge, US Airways will pay that customer an additional 100,000 bonus Dividend Miles.
These new guarantees are in effect through Dec. 31, 2002, and apply for travel any Monday through Friday.
The Dividend Miles bonus mile offer is combinable with other Dividend Miles programs such as the current triple-mile offer that is in effect through the end of the year. Not more than one seat guarantee and one reliability guarantee can be collected by an individual traveler on the same day.
“Through this offer, we are reassuring our customers of the reliability of our service and its superiority to American Eagle and Delta/Comair in these markets. We are so confident that we are providing on-time and reliability guarantees, regardless of the cause - no excuses,” said Stephen M. Usery, US Airways vice president of marketing and revenue management.
Bonus miles relating to any of the Shuttle guarantee Dividend Miles offers will be credited directly to a member’s account within six weeks of travel. Complete details on the Quick Check-in Guarantee can be found at
Through Dec. 31, 2002, US Airways Shuttle customers who hold non-refundable tickets can stand by for other US Airways Shuttle flights at no additional charge on the ticketed day of travel. All rules of the original fare purchased will apply for standby travel on non-refundable or flight time-specific fares. Standby travel must occur during the same travel periods as defined in the original fare purchased. Standby travel does not apply to youth or senior Shuttle fares.
This Shuttle guarantee is in addition to the existing Triple Miles offer, which allows Dividend Miles members traveling on the Shuttle to earn triple Dividend Miles through Dec. 31, 2002, with bonus miles being applied toward Dividend Miles Preferred Status. Members can register for Triple Miles at or by calling 1-800-872-4738 and entering bonus request 5236. Customers who enroll in Dividend Miles through Dec. 31, 2002, will also earn 2,500 bonus miles with their first US Airways Shuttle flight. To earn guarantee or flight bonus miles, customers must be enrolled in the Dividend Miles program prior to departure. Members can enroll at or airport check-in. All Dividend Miles terms and conditions apply.
US Airways will continue to honor all competitive airline discount fare coupons for Shuttle travel. Terms and conditions apply as defined on the coupon.

Customers can make travel arrangements online at, by contacting their travel agent or by calling US Airways Reservations at 1-800-428-4322.
US Airways Shuttle offers dedicated check-in counters, Club-style gate areas and wide, comfortable seating making Shuttle travel easy and convenient. US Airways Shuttle is committed to consistent on-time performance and customer amenities that cater to the business traveler.