KLM To Sell High-Quality Consumer Goods

AMSTELVEEN, September 26, 2002 å- KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will launch a pilot project for the sale high-quality consumer goods in 16 European countries on October 1, 2002. Passengers aboard KLM flights will be presented with a KLM Shop catalogue featuring an extensive range of articles. These can be ordered using a special form that may be handed to cabin attendants or submitted by mail. Orders can also be placed via www.klm.com or a telephonic help-desk (+ 31-115-640438). Goods will be sold with a money-back guarantee and delivered to the door. The help-desk and delivery service will be run by Neckermann Business Services.
At the end of the three-month trial period, KLM will assess buying behavior and customer satisfaction to decide whether the shop service warrants structural implementation. The new service meets the wishes of passengers for a broader range of articles on board, supplementing the regular tax-free assortment. The new service will have special features for members of KLM’s Flying Dutchman (FD) loyalty program. Members will not only earn FD points for every article purchased, but will also be able to use FD points to cover part of the purchase costs.
The sale of consumer goods by airlines is nothing new. Northwest Airlines launched a similar service several years ago. Northwest’s Skymall offers a range of goods similar to those available via the KLM Shop.
The articles sold by the KLM Shop will not be available tax-free, as they will be delivered to the customers’ door. This delivery service will be available in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. Delivery time will vary from country to country, but will not exceed 20 days.
The KLM Shop’s range of high-quality products will include various KLM-branded articles such as:
*Exclusive: KLM pilot’s watch, KLM suitcase, KLM old-timer set;

*Audio-visual: DVD players, CD players, Walkmans, cameras;

*Domestic: kitchen and designer goods, espresso machines;

*DIY tools;

*Health & Beauty: cosmetics, dressing gowns;


*Sports and fitness: fitness equipment;

*Travel: tents, suitcases, rucksacks.