Aloha Again Number One For On-Time Performance

Hawaii-based Aloha Airlines has again topped the list as the number one airline in the nation for on-time performance. With 87.5 percent of its entire domestic flights operating on time, Aloha had the best on-time performance rate in April 2001 of all the carriers reporting on-time statistics in the latest monthly Air Travel Consumer Report (June 2001) released by the U. S. Department of Transportation.
Aloha is currently the only airline to voluntarily file its on-time statistics with the DOT’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS). The federal agency requires only the 10 largest major U.S. scheduled passenger carriers to file on-time performance statistics.

For the first quarter of 2001, the Air Travel Consumer Report listed Aloha number one with a cumulative on-time performance rate of 85.3 percent. Since December 1998, Aloha has and still offers the only service guarantee in the airline industry. Under the Aloha Airlines Guarantee, the air carrier promises to give travelers a free one-way interisland ticket if it fails to live up to its promise to depart and arrive on time, deliver bags promptly and provide courteous service with the Spirit of Aloha.

In 2000, Aloha flew more than five million passengers within the State of Hawaii.

For more than 50 years, Aloha Airlines has served the State of Hawaii with dependable, on-time and friendly air service. As Hawaii’s leading interisland airline, Aloha offers more than 1,100 weekly interisland flights, with the most convenient interline connections for travel to and from the Hawaiian Islands. Aloha also provides daily service between Hawaii and Oakland and Orange County, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Aloha Airlines` flight schedule and general information are found on the Internet at