Frontier Airlines Appoints Jeff Potter As Chief Executive Officer

Frontier Airlines (Nasdaq: FRNT) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Sam Addoms today announced that, pursuant to a leadership transition plan formulated by the airline`s board of directors, President and Chief Operating Officer Jeff Potter, 42, will assume the additional title and responsibilities of chief executive officer, effective April 1, 2002.

Addoms, 62, will continue to serve as chairman of the airline`s board of directors and will remain a member of the board`s nominating committee. Additionally, Addoms will provide continued guidance in the areas of long-term strategic planning and governmental affairs.

Addoms said, ``Jeff has been a member of the Frontier team since 1995, and during that time, he has developed into an extremely talented strategic planner and a strong motivator of people. During his initial tenure as vice president of marketing, he formulated and helped implement Frontier`s successful business strategy, which includes operating jets to major metropolitan markets out of our Denver hub. Since that time, and particularly since he assumed the role of president and chief operating officer, his contributions have extended into every facet of our business. I feel confident that under Jeff`s leadership, Frontier will continue to be based upon the values that have brought us to where we are today, including open communication and mutual respect among all employees, appreciation for the contributions of those who went before us, and a focus on the future, driven by a continuing desire to please our valued customers.``

Potter stated, ``In an industry where some estimate that only one startup in 20 succeeds, what Sam has created at Frontier Airlines is nothing short of remarkable. Sam`s belief in people, combined with his fortitude to start an airline despite significant odds, make him a leader whose shoes will be hard to fill.

Fortunately, Sam has created a culture at Frontier that values the contributions of every employee and rewards those who see and treat people as unique individuals. As an airline, we take people where they want to go, and nearly 14 million travelers have flown using Frontier`s affordable fares during the past eight years, but Sam has taught us that we do much more than that. It is an honor to be entrusted with the responsibility of leading Frontier into its next exciting chapter, and to draw upon Sam`s experience during the foreseeable future. On behalf of Frontier`s 2,500 current employees, as well as those who have worked at Frontier during the past eight years, we realize that the best way to express our gratitude to Sam will be to continue Frontier`s legacy using the same guiding tenets that he put into motion.``


Speaking on behalf of the airline`s board, Vice Chair LaRae Orullian stated, ``Sam`s astute business judgment coupled with his calming demeanor and common sense approach to business problems has proven invaluable since Frontier`s inception. We are grateful to Sam for his leadership, especially in an industry rife with considerable barriers to entry. Sam has developed a strong team of leaders at Frontier, and nowhere is this more evident than in our choice of his successor. We welcome Jeff to his new position and look forward to Sam`s continued contributions to Frontier`s future vision.``

Potter served as vice president of marketing for Frontier Airlines between 1995 and 2000. After a stint as chief executive officer for Kansas City-based Vanguard Airlines, Potter returned to Frontier in 2001 as chief operating officer. In August 2001, he was appointed president of Frontier. He currently serves on the airline`s board of directors, and possesses over 21 years of aviation industry experience.

Addoms is a founding officer of Frontier Airlines, beginning his tenure with the airline during its pre-startup phase in 1993 as executive vice president, treasurer and a member of the airline`s board of directors. During this period, Addoms provided financial expertise and helped develop a comprehensive business plan for Frontier. In September 1994, Addoms was named president of Frontier, and in January 1995, he assumed the title and duties of chief executive officer. He was named chairman of the board of directors in September 2001.