Frontier Airlines To Lease Additional Aircraft

Frontier Airlines (Nasdaq: FRNT ) today announced it has leased a Boeing 737-300 jet from Sweden-based Indigo Aviation. The aircraft, which is scheduled to enter service on July 12, will replace one of the Boeing 737-200 Basic airplanes that the airline plans to retire in July. The airline also plans to retire two other Boeing 737-200 aircraft in July and replace those jets with two Boeing 737-200 Advanced aircraft that the airline will take delivery of later this month. The two Boeing 737-200 Advanced replacement aircraft are also being leased from Indigo Aviation.

“We are in the process of retiring the five 737-200 Basic aircraft that do not meet the Federal Aviation Administration`s Stage 3 noise-reduction compliance regulations. All five of those aircraft, which have been part of our fleet since our first year of operations, will be retired by the end of calendar year 1999,” said Frontier President Sam Addoms. “In addition to the two growth aircraft we have taken into the fleet since January, our growth plan calls for one additional Boeing 737-300 aircraft to be delivered later this year.”

The airline had previously announced it would lease two Boeing 737-200 Advanced jets from San Francisco-based Triton Aviation Services Limited and those aircraft are now expected to be delivered in August. These two 737-200 Advanced aircraft will be used to replace the final two Boeing 737-200 Basic aircraft in the fleet, which will retire in September and October, respectively. The airline`s third growth aircraft for calendar year 1999, a Boeing 737-300, will also be leased from Indigo Aviation and will be delivered in October.