Spirit Airlines Releases March 2002 Traffic Results

Spirit Airlines reports March 2002 traffic figures with an 83.1 percent load factor, the highest month in the first quarter for the low-fare specialist and a 2.4 percent increase from the same period in March 2001. System-wide, Spirit currently operates 80 flights daily with 341,929 passengers carried for the month.
“We are very pleased with our load factor of 83.1 percent as we look ahead to Spirit’s new and expanded service starting next month,” said Ned Homfeld, founder and chairman of Spirit Airlines. “Spirit is optimistic that customers will continue to take advantage of our safe, reliable, and low-fare service this spring,” continued Homfeld.

Revenue Passenger Miles (RPM) of 341,327 decreased 1.0 percent for the month as compared to the same time period in year 2001 while Available Seat Miles (ASM) of 410,608 decreased 3.3 percent.