US Airways Response To Global Airlines Corp.

US Airways today sent the following letter to Global Airlines` Chairman Emil Bernard:

“Dear Mr. Bernard:

We have received your letter of August 8, 2001. As you know, following receipt of your letter of August 4, 2001, US Airways Group issued the following press release:

`US Airways Statement on Global Airlines Corp.

ARLINGTON, Va., Aug. 6, 2001 - US Airways issued the following statement in response to a so-called proposal by Global Airlines and assertions of Emil Bernard, its chairman:


“Neither Mr. Bernard, nor his company has established any meaningful credentials in support of their so-called proposal, nor has he met with senior executives of US Airways. The company does not believe that it can give any credibility to this so-called proposal, and, accordingly, has no plans to deal with it.” `

Notwithstanding your letter of August 8, 2001, nothing has changed. Accordingly, US Airways Group has no plans to deal with your letter, including meeting with you or contacting any third party at your request in connection therewith.


Lawrence M. Nagin
Executive Vice President -
Corporate Affairs & General Counsel”