US Airways Must Have Regional Jets To Compete

US Airways announced today that it has once again asked its ALPA leadership to allow US Airways to operate a competitive number of regional jets. US Airways` pilot contract restricts to 70 the number of regional jets that it can operate.

“The issue in this matter is abundantly clear: For US Airways to compete vigorously on the East Coast, more regional jets are an absolute necessity,” the company said.

“This issue is not about press releases or posturing. It is about the facts. Our two largest competitors in the East, Delta and Continental airlines, rapidly continue to increase the number of regional jets in their fleets, severely affecting our ability to compete,” the company said.

Delta in November had approximately 215 regional jets in its fleet, and Continental 131. When firm orders and options are included, Delta would operate a total of 843 regional jets, and Continental 375, while US Airways remains restricted to 70 regional jets under its ALPA contract.

“Simply stated, a limit of 70 regional jets significantly restricts our ability to generate much-needed revenue. Passengers clearly prefer regional jets and we must have a similar number to compete effectively with Delta and Continental. After four years of ALPA rejecting US Airways` efforts to operate a competitive number of regional jets, we welcome any change in their position,” the company said.


US Airways, the US Airways Express carriers and the US Airways Shuttle fly to 205 destinations worldwide.

The company has scheduled a meeting with ALPA representatives on Jan. 3, 2002.