THAI Holds Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting 1/2002

30 August 2002, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited organized an Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting 1/2002, which was chaired by THAI’s Chairman Mr. Thanong Bidaya. Members of THAI’s Board of Directors, THAI’s President Mr. Kanok Abhiradee, and THAI’s Management were also present at the meeting. The following issues were discussed:

1. Allocation of 300 Million Newly Issued Ordinary Shares

THAI’s Board of Directors proposed the allocation of the 300 million newly issued ordinary shares as follows:

* 1.1 The allocation of 285,000,000 (Two Hundred Eighty Five Million) shares which will be offered and sold to the public, at one time or from time to time.
* 1.2 The allocation of 15,000,000 (Fifteen Million) ordinary shares to employees, according to the employee securities option plan (ESOP) for the offer, and sale of ordinary shares and/or warrants to purchase ordinary shares to employees and the employees who are directors of the Company.

The meeting resolved to approve the allocation of the 300 million newly issued ordinary shares.


A total of 711 shareholders attended the meeting, including those who attended in person and appointment of proxy, at a total of 1,322,836,878 shares.