Statement Clarifying THAI`s Position In Star Alliance

BANGKOK, 9 February 2000—Today at Thai Airways International Public Company Limited’s Head Office, THAI held its Finance and Accounting Meeting “FACTS 2000”, where Mr. Thamnoon Wanglee, THAI’s President, made the following comments concerning the airline’s position in Star Alliance.

Mr. Wanglee spoke to finance and accounting managers and staff, who were participating in the FACTS 2000 seminar an internal staff meeting. Responding to inquiry about THAI’s position as a member in Star Alliance, Mr. Wanglee said, “As THAI heads further in the process of privatization, we have been advised by our financial consultants to consider the impact of Star Alliance membership prior to THAI’s Privatization Road Show. One aspect under consideration is the impact that Singapore Airlines’ membership in Star Alliance has had upon THAI. Secondly, THAI’s financial consultants have advised the airline to assess the advantages and disadvantages of THAI’s membership in Star Alliance. THAI has requested that the financial consultants study the long-term effects of THAI being a member in Star Alliance. In addition, THAI’s financial consultants have requested that THAI consider the possible advantages that could arise should THAI choose to join another alliance grouping, especially when the airline is in the midst of privatizing and strategic partners as well as a public share offering are being sought.”

THAI entered Star Alliance as a member airline and founding member on 14 May 1997, when the alliance partnership.