THAI Announces 1st Quarter Operating Results For Fiscal Year 1999/2000

Thai Airways International Public Company Limited reported its operating results for the first quarter of fiscal year 1999/2000 (October - December 1999) which ended 31 December 1999.

The company`s total revenue was 30, 911 million baht, which included the operating revenue of 30,229 million baht. Total revenue increased by 1,368 million baht or 4.6 percent compared to the same period last year, October - December 1998.

Operating profit was 4,451 million baht, a decrease of 51 million baht or 1.13 percent compared to the period October - December 1998 due to high fuel costs, resulting from high operating costs compared to last year.

THAI`s profit before tax totaled 10,397 million baht, with a net profit of 7,658 million baht. The net profit increased 943 million baht or 14.04 percent.

Earnings per share was at 5.47 baht but when compared with the same period of 1998/99 the gain was 0.67 baht. The loss from foreign exchange was 2,962 million baht when compared to the period October - December 1998.