THAI Announcement After Board Of Directors` Meeting

28 November 2000, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited held a Board of Directors` Meeting, chaired by Mr. Srisook Chandrangsu, THAI`s Chairman, with the following results:

1. Visual System Modification of Airbus A300-600 Aircraft Simulator
The Board of Directors approved the contract to install the visual system modification of Airbus A300-600 aircraft simulator from Thomson Training and Simulation to increase effectiveness of the simulator.

2. THAI`s Balance Sheet and Income Statement

The Board of Directors was informed of THAI`s financial performance through presentation of balance sheets and statement of income 1999/2000. THAI achieved 121,712 million baht in operating revenue, and a pre-tax profit of 4,914 million baht. Earnings per share reached 3.37 baht compared to 3.36 baht for the same period last year.

The net operating revenue increased by 9 million baht, even though there was an increase of 7,485 million baht expenses on aircraft fuel compared to the same period last year. The loss in exchange rate resulting from adjustment of company foreign loans amounted to 3,301 million baht compared to 4,752 million baht during the same period last year. Cabin factor was calculated at 74.5 per cent compared to 72.7 percent during the same period last year which is an increase of 1.8 per cent.