Flybe. First To Offer Passengers A Service Guarantee

Flybe. Europe’s largest independent regional airline, has come top in a recent study published by the Air Transport Users Council (AUC).

The report revealed how many airlines, especially the no frills carriers, have neglected service and in many cases left passengers stranded when things go wrong.

However the report does prove that with flybe. there is a low fares airline that still retains all the service values of a traditional carrier. Only 12 written complaints were received against flybe. during the last year, positioning the airline as the most reliable of those featured in the study. The AUC received 117 written complaints against the worst airline featured in the published report, which takes into account such criticisms as mishandled baggage, flight cancellations and poor in-flight service.

Flybe. is proving its commitment to service by putting its service standards and guarantees in black and white. In every airport and on the airline website, customers can see flybe`s new ‘Passenger Charter’ which outlines everything flybe`s customers have the right to expect. The charter clearly displays how flybe. will care for customers if things go wrong. For example, delayed luggage will be dispatched from the arrival airport to the passenger within two hours of arrival (30 minutes for passengers travelling in Business Class). Flybe. will also pay £25 compensation for each 24-hour period that the bag is delayed, up to a pre-determined limit.

Jim French, MD at flybe. said: “We are a low fares airline, yet we are dedicated to service. Customers shouldn’t have to sacrifice service for a low fare - with us they get both!”