Statement Relating To Fuel Pumps

Three weeks ago, easyJet was praised globally for highlighting a possible safety issue relating to centre fuel pumps on Boeing 737-700 aircraft.
easyJet has 19 Boeing 737-700s, of which five were installed with the pumps highlighted by the Federal Aviation Administration.
The FAA gave a simple directive - to ensure that the fuel pumps were permanently submerged in fuel at any stage in the flying process.
easyJet immediately instigated a programme to replace the pumps in the five affected aircraft - far exceeding the terms of the directive. Additionally, easyJet has been operating ALL of its Boeing 737-700s with additional fuel in the fuel tanks for the last three weeks, as a `safety first` measure.
Today Boeing has issued a directive covering some 3,500 aircraft - including the remaining easyJet Boeing 737-700s - to maintain a minimum level of fuel in the centre fuel tanks. But this is a process that easyJet has had in place for the last three weeks as standard practice.
As this episode illustrates, nothing is more important to easyJet than safety.