New Terminal At JFK For Alitalia Cargo

Alitalia Cargo at JFK Airport moved its Sales Offices, Customer Service and Operations to Nippon Cargo, Building 79.
Alitalia Cargo relocated from Building 7, after almost 28 years, leaving behind one of the most “historical” premises of the airport for the New NCA Building. This state of the art facility is capable of loading and unloading two 747 all cargo freighters within two hours. There are two dedicated all-cargo aircraft ramps. Moreover it has the capacity to handle over 150.000 tons.
Some of the Warehouse features include: 18 Truck Docks, refrigerators that can accommodate 6 main deck pallets and loose cargo, Environmental Room (temperature and humidity controlled), Live Animal Room, Bar Coding Scanners and more.
Alitalia Cargo believes this new warehouse will be capable to handle every operational aspect of its new product portfolio including special cargo and express service providing agents and shippers with one of the most comprehensive systems in transportation logistics.