European Union to Support Civil Aviation Sector

The co-operation of the European Union and India in the Civil Aviation sector has commenced with the first of a series of `Customer Support Theme` training programmes being conducted in Mumbai for representatives of various airlines and aviation-related companies in India.
The Government of India has signed a financing agreement with the European Commission to promote mutually beneficial co-operation in the field of Civil Aviation through a series of workshops, seminars and training programmes developed for employees of airlines and aviation-related companies. The seven themes of co-operation have been identified as (i) Airworthiness and Safety Oversight (ii) Airline Management (iii) Air Traffic Management (iv) Production Management (v) Customer Support (vi) Pilot Instructor Training and (vii) Airport Management.  Air-India is responsible for conducting Customer Support Theme activities which cater to the engineering aspects of aviation.
The central aim of the three-year project is to stimulate co-operation between the EU and Indian aerospace industries in order to strengthen civil aviation safety and related procedures in India. The results of the project should contribute to a renewed vigour in vital issues of air safety, as well as assisting air traffic expansion and facilitating closer co-operation between the Indian and European industries.

The EU-India Civil Aviation Project is supported by the European Commission, the Ministry of Civil Aviation in India, the European Association of Aerospace Industries (representing the European aerospace manufacturers), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) and Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industries (SIATI). The project is being co-ordinated by the European Association of Aerospace Industries and the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India.