$21.7 Million Project for AA`s Terminal

ST. LOUIS - American Airlines and Lambert-St. Louis International Airport are spending $21.7 million to make the airport experience more convenient with improvements to the American Airlines and AmericanConnection terminals and expansion of the B and C-D security checkpoints.

“American Airlines is investing $14.6 million in our newest hub, St. Louis,” said Mike Gunn, executive vice president - Marketing and Planning for American Airlines. “This investment shows a long-term commitment to the community, our customers, and our St. Louis employees, and it underscores our commitment to the St. Louis hub.”

“Concourses B, C, and D have not been updated since the early 1980s,” added Robert Cordes, vice president of the American Airlines St. Louis hub. “Our customers have told us they are looking for more choices in restaurants and a more convenient and comfortable airport experience. Part of American Airlines’ commitment to the St. Louis hub includes bringing the latest airport amenities to St. Louis. Our customers are already enjoying some of our most recent upgrades, such as the Self-Service Check-In machines we’ve installed at the ticket counter and at Service Center 2 on the C concourse.”

“American`s decision to invest $14.6 million in St. Louis reflects its commitment to our community,” said St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay. “These changes—everything from new restaurants to the new information monitors—will help make this a better, more attractive, more convenient airport.”

A New Look for the Ticket Counter: The airline will add eight counter positions on the north ticket counter for a total of 30 positions. American has already added eight Self-Service Check-In machines on the south ticket counter, for a total of 20 self check-in positions that fill the entire south side of the ticket counter area.


Loading Bridges: American will add regional jet-sized loading bridges on the B concourse where AmericanConnection currently operates, and on the D concourse where the AmericanConnection carriers will begin operations as they take delivery of new regional jets this fall and next spring. AmericanConnection customers currently must board by stairs from the ramp.

Pre-conditioned Air System: American Airlines will install a pre-conditioned air system that will cool aircraft and loading bridges in the summer and heat them in the winter.

Closed Circuit Television: Also, American will install at its gates closed circuit television (CCTV) that will be connected to monitors in the American Airlines tower. CCTV allows tower personnel to more easily view the airline operations and monitor the movement of aircraft.

Other Additions: American Airlines will update the gate counters and backscreens to the darker gray American Airlines image introduced in the 1990s. The gate counters will have stainless steel on the front and granite tops. The airline will also replace carpeting in the gate areas and on the loading bridges. “We often address the theory that an airport is the first and last impression a traveler has of a city,” said Col. Leonard L. Griggs, Jr. “In that vein, we are making a significant investment in this facility. These improvements collectively reflect American Airlines` outstanding working relationship with the City of St. Louis and American`s commitment to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.”

Security Checkpoints Expansion: Construction has already begun on expansion of the B concourse security checkpoint from one to two security lanes. The B concourse checkpoint is currently dedicated to American Airlines and AmericanConnection employees, but after construction is finished in October, it will also be open to customers. Lambert will also expand the C-D security checkpoint, from the current five lanes to seven. That construction will begin in October.

New Restaurants: American Airlines will move certain offices so that the airport can bring in new concessions such as Sbarro, Starbucks, a Jose Quervo restaurant, a Home Turf bar, and a Great Steak and Potatoes restaurant.

FIDs, RIDs, and GIDs: Lambert will install new Flight Information Display (FID) monitors on the B, C, and D concourses. These new monitors will list American Airlines’ flights and times, replacing aging monitors that often were difficult to read. Once the new FID monitors are in place, the airport will install Gate Information Display (GID) monitors and Ramp Information Display (RIDs) on the concourses. GID monitors inform passengers of what flight is operating at that gate, the expected time of departure, and other information pertinent to that flight. RIDs monitors display similar information on the ramp side of the gate for fleet service clerks and other employees.

C-D Connector: The airport will also construct a connector between the C and D concourses to relieve congestion behind the C-D security checkpoint.

Carpeting: Finally, the airport will install new carpeting along the concourse corridors. American Airlines is the world`s largest carrier. American, in concert with American Eagle and the AmericanConnection regional carriers, makes up the American Airlines network. Together, they serve more than 250 cities in 41 countries and territories with approximately 4,400 daily flights. The combined network fleet numbers more than 1,100 aircraft. Only American provides More Room Throughout Coach for More Coach Passengers. American Airlines is a founding member of the oneworld alliance.