Air Canada Unveils New Executive First

Air Canada has re-designed its international
business class product, Executive First, to offer its premium customers a
unique five-star travel experience. Air Canada`s new Executive First service,
the result of two years of extensive customer research and a multi-million
dollar budget, features refined in-flight service, quality Canadian products
and contemporary design to create a complete, innovative travel experience
that promises to set new standards for Air Canada`s international customers.

Beginning in September 2002, Air Canada has begun unveiling to rave
reviews its new Executive First service on flights to Europe, to be followed
by flights to Asia, Australia and South America. Air Canada`s award-winning
premium service on flights within Canada and the United States, Executive
Class, is undergoing a similar re-design planned to be launched in 2003.

“We have made dramatic improvements to every aspect of our premium travel
product to make Executive First a truly complete five-star experience for our
customers: from spacious, comfortable seating and personalized service to
quality, innovative menus, superior wine selection and engaging
entertainment,” said Montie Brewer, Executive Vice President, Commercial.
“What we`re hearing from our customers who have experienced the new product is
resoundingly positive and confirms Air Canada`s position as the carrier of
choice for the world`s most discerning international travellers.

“Since launching Executive First in 1994, Air Canada has received many
awards for its premium service product and was most recently chosen by the OAG
as the Best Airline in North America. It is now the time to innovate and re-
invest in every facet of the travel experience to ensure Air Canada continues
to meet the needs of our premium customers. In addition to investing in the
very best quality ingredients and wines, we have invested significantly in
customer service training for our flight crews who will now be better equipped
than ever to provide our customers with a truly memorable five-star travel

“COCKTAILS ANYONE?” Inspired by one of the world`s top vodkas, distilled
in Newfoundland from the pure water of 12,000-year old icebergs, Air Canada
has introduced as part of its comprehensive bar service new exotic cocktails
made with Canada`s own award-winning Iceberg vodka. Mixed cocktails with
refreshing fruit juices and Iceberg vodka include: “Iceberg Atlantic
Seabreeze”, “Northern Lights” and “Iceberg Arctic Passion”.


“MAY I TAKE YOUR ORDER?” Air Canada`s Executive First menus have been
completely re-designed using superior ingredients and offering more choice
than ever. Created to appeal to the individual tastes of the carrier`s
international clientele, menus now feature innovative dishes from across
Canada and around the world using the freshest seasonal ingredients and finest
Canadian products. The regularly refreshed monthly menus feature a choice of
appetizers, three main dishes including Asian inspired and vegetarian, as well
as selected cheeses, desserts. With the introduction of its “Canadian
Signature Collection” of dishes and drinks, indicated on menus by a maple leaf
symbol, Air Canada is paying tribute to the best in Canadian culinary products
and tradition. A sampling of “Canadian Signature Collection” dishes on flights
in September include:

Sautéed fillet of Alberta beef marinated in maple syrup-balsamic dressing; Roasted Canadian black cod with maple glaze; or Braised Québec lamb served with chived mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables with deep fried parsnip…

has been recognized as one of the best of any airline in the world; and was
most recently chosen by wine critics as third best in the world in Business
Traveler magazine`s annual review. The airline`s Wine Council, comprised of
three highly respected wine critics from across Canada: Michel Phaneuf
(Montréal), Tony Aspler (Toronto) and Anthony Gismondi (Vancouver), recently
held their annual blind tasting session to ensure Executive First customers
continue to be offered the finest old and new world wines including the very
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NJ YR @AL Dininirana`Exute rSmes @rehaaalinta ebs.t is also meals dazzling the eyes with a presenvation
worthy of a &ive star restaurant. Air Canada s eliminating casserole-style
dishware!and meal carts typically used by other airlines. Instead, Execuvive
First meals are prepared and served individually using stylishly contemporary
tableware. Air Canada`s executive chefs have created each dish as an
appetizing three-dimensional sculpture: drizzled with delectable dressings and
set off with sprigs of fresh herbs. They are nestled in wide serving bowls of
white china that highlight each ingredient making mouths water in

Building on the success of Air Canada`s VIP Concierge service, much
appreciated by its premium customers at major airports world wide, Air Canada
has redesigned its Executive First in-flight service to provide a seamless
product with the needs of discerning travellers in mind. In co-operation with
the renowned Institut de tourisme et d`h™tellerie du Québec, the Paris-based
International Concierge Institute and the Hotel Mandarin in Geneva,
Switzerland, Air Canada`s 8,000 in-flight personnel are being specially
trained to offer refined, personalised service consistent with a five-star
travel experience.

“Our Executive First customers will recognise a newly refined,
personalised level of service from the moment they board the aircraft,” said
Doug Port, Senior Vice President, Customer Service. “We are proud to bring to
the world what quality service truly means to Canadians. We`ve researched the
attributes Canadians strongly identify with, and those qualities have been
incorporated in the new Executive First service: It`s discreet, progressive
and sophisticated with a genuine desire to make our customers feel at home.”

Air Canada recognises that choice of meals as well as flexibility in
choosing meal times are highly valued by its premium customers. For customers
wishing to sleep or work during the scheduled meal times, Air Canada offers
“Gourmet Express,” an all-inclusive cold meal service featuring lobster,
smoked salmon and crudités on evening flights departing Canada. In addition,
on longer-haul Europe-bound flights departing from western Canada after 23:00,
Executive First customers can help themselves to Sneak-a-Snack: baskets placed
in the forward galley containing a wide range of fresh fruit and indulgent
treats to satisfy late night cravings.

As part of its Executive First re-design, Air Canada is providing its
customers with more legroom and more seat recline for superior space and
comfort. Beginning January 2003, the airline is reconfiguring Executive First
cabins to provide a generous 60 inch standard pitch of legroom across its
entire international fleet of 51 long-haul aircraft. In addition, all
Executive First seats on the carrier`s entire international fleet will be re-
engineered to increase their recline to a very comfortable 151 degree position
for relaxing or sleeping - up to 16 degrees more than at present. Further
enhancements to space and comfort will be introduced in 2003 when Air Canada
takes delivery of new long range A340-500 aircraft.

Along with these improvements to seating comfort, Air Canada will
continue installing 15 volt power ports at each Executive First seat. By early
2003, Air Canada plans to have more than half its international fleet equippewi t cveenpor zt emiti riae b teeso welaopononha fgh.  aiun,xei Fstusme wl
ced chlocay haedmaetpridg predud qli aaie nseedti.

To provide Executive First customers even more comfort as well as a
superior overall cabin ambiance, Aar anada is introducing bigger, softer
cushions and blankets, `s wehl as implementing a new colour wcheme of
contemporary gredns !nd blues in seat upholstery, tablecloths and napkins. The
new fabric colours are discreetly highlighted with a stylish oval motif,
conveying a sense of modernity and progressiveness - consistent with the new
Executive First style.