SkyTeam Cargo 2nd Anniversary

In celebration of its two-year anniversary, SkyTeam Cargo executives hosted a press conference today at the TIACA Air Cargo Forum 2002 to announce new product and service initiatives, designed to extend the alliance`s position as the world`s leading cargo alliance. In attendance were Jaime White, CEO, Aeromexico Cargo; Marc Boudier, Executive Vice President, Air France Cargo; Massimo Panagia, Cargo and Logistics Managing Director, Alitalia Cargo; Kamil Slavik, Director, Czech Airlines Cargo; Anthony Charaf, Senior Vice President, Delta Air Logistics; and K. H. Choi, Managing Vice President, Korean Air Cargo.
Two years ago, Aeromexico, Air France, Delta and Korean Air launched SkyTeam Cargo to provide complete air cargo solutions to its customers, featuring access to a global network, a common platform of products and services, a single point of contact for sales and service in major markets and seamless processing of shipments through coordinated warehousing operations.
“With the largest global footprint of any cargo alliance, SkyTeam Cargo is well positioned to improve on the already high levels of products and services that our customers have come to expect from us. We will continue to help them deliver the every day items that touch consumers` lives,” said executives from the six carriers in a joint statement issued at the Air Cargo Forum 2002.

Since its inception in September 2000, SkyTeam Cargo has extended its reach with the joining of Czech Airlines Cargo in April 2001 and Alitalia Cargo in August 2001. SkyTeam Cargo customers now have access to a combined fleet of 1,224 aircraft, making 8,217 daily flights through alliance`s extensive network covering the world`s key trade routes. With the addition of Czech Airlines Cargo and Alitalia Cargo, SkyTeam Cargo has grown from:
- 411 to 512 unduplicated destinations - 100 to 114 countries served - 14.0 billion to 15.1 billion freight ton kilometers carried per year
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SkyTeam Cargo is also developing a new key account recognition program as an effort to advance its Customer Relationship Management and will activate a joint quality program. These two customer-oriented programs will be fully implemented during 2003.