ANZ Confirms Missing Wing Flap Piece

Air New Zealand confirms that the aircraft piece discovered yesterday washed up on Pollock Beach south of the Manukau Heads was examined this morning and found to be the missing part of the airline`s Boeing 747 inner fore-flap which was initially found by fishermen in the Manukau Harbour two weeks previously - on August 30.

Air New Zealand`s investigation at the time confirmed the pieces had detached from one of the airline`s aircraft ZK-NBS during its climb out of Auckland Airport. Following the incident, Air New Zealand also made two attempts to check the Manukau Harbour for parts of the fore-flap still believed missing.

” Air New Zealand is pleased to be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and we are grateful to the local resident for alerting us to her find, even though the Transport Accident Investigation Commission (TIAC) did not deem this part as integral to the investigation in terms of ascertaining how the detachment of the fore-flap occurred,” said the airline`s Senior Vice President Bill Jacobson

Last week, Air New Zealand released its interim findings on the incident which identified the probable cause of detachment was the failure of an inner lug on the inner fore-flap.

These interim findings are subject to final confirmation by the Transport Accident Investigation Commission and review by Air New Zealand`s Board of Directors` Safety Committee.