Go slams British Midland`s `infantile babbling`

Go, the Midlands` first low cost airline, today denounced British Midland`s lies. In a press statement, British Midland had falsely claimed that “Go services from EMA will cease this winter.”.

In fact, Go flights will operate right through the winter period, until summer 2003, when they will be continued under the easyJet name. As evidence of our on-going commitment to the region, we have recently added new routes to Barcelona and Venice from East Midlands, and easyJet has announced flights to Geneva.

These are proving incredibly popular, with thousands of customers in the East Midlands booking in the first few days.

David Magliano, sales and marketing director of Go, said:

“As usual, British Midland is peddling distortion and inaccuracies to try and confuse customers. Their motives are easily understood, they want to ride the coat-tails of our success.


Go was the first airline to bring low cost services to the East Midlands, shaking the complacency of the expensive local airline which had been exploiting Midlands travellers for years. For the first time, travellers from the region have a genuine choice and the response to our flights show they are taking full advantage.”