Ryanair Accounts for Growth at Dublin

Latest traffic statistics released by Aer Rianta, the high cost airport monopoly, show that Ryanair accounts for almost all of the growth recorded at Dublin Airport in the first six months of 2002.

- On the Dublin-London route, Ryanair’s traffic in the first six months has increased by 113,000 (+16%), out of a total Dublin Airport increase of just 60,000 (+3%) passengers. Without Ryanair’s growth, traffic on the Dublin-London route would have declined by 3%.

- On the UK provincial (non London) market Ryanair in the first six months has grown by 235,000 (+35%) whereas the total UKP market to/from Dublin Airport has grown by just 223,000 passengers (+16%). Without Ryanair’s growth traffic from Dublin Airport to the UK provinces would have declined in the first six months of this year.

- Even on the Dublin-Europe routes where Ryanair only flies to Paris and Brussels, Ryanair still accounted for over one third of the total growth in scheduled European traffic to/from Dublin Airport by delivering 34,000 additional passengers out of a total market growth of 103,000.

- The most remarkable statistic released by Aer Rianta is that total traffic at Dublin Airport in the first six months of this year has grown by 396,000 passengers (+6%), whereas Ryanair on its own accounts for 382,000 or 96.5% of the total growth at Dublin Airport in the first six months of this year.



Announcing these traffic figures today, Ryanair’s Commercial Director, Michael Cawley said:

“The message from these traffic statistics is quite clear. It is the low fare airline Ryanair that is delivering the growth at Dublin Airport and for Ireland. Without Ryanair’s routes and low fares, traffic to/from the high cost, inefficient Dublin Airport monopoly would be in decline. This highlights the failure of the Aer Rianta monopoly to deliver growth, and the continuing success of Ryanair in delivering growth by providing what people really want namely low fares and efficient services.”