Excellent Performance at Lufthansa

On September 4, 2002, Deutsche Lufthansa AG was, once again, included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World (DJSI) and the pan-European Dow Jones Sustainability Index STOXX (DJSI STOXX), as was confirmed by SAM Sustainable Asset Management Indexes GmbH in Zurich.
In the worldwide benchmarking of all listed airlines, the German carrier received top rankings. Lufthansa has been included in the DJSI since September 1999.
For Lufthansa, being oriented to the principles of sustainable development means meeting not only its economic obligations but also its environmental and social responsibilities to secure long-term growth. The Aviation Group`s particularly high level of competencies in all three areas was recognized.

According to SAM`s evaluation, Deutsche Lufthansa AG ranks clearly above the industry average in economic issues with a distinct “outperformance” rating in “Customer Relationship Management” and strategic planning. Management competencies in the area of environmental issues are also rated as extremely strong when compared with other airlines. Lufthansa`s performance concerning environmental management and ecological efficiency is also emphasized. Its commitment in the social sector is rated as “outstanding”. Unlike many other companies, Lufthansa avoided layoffs despite the crisis affecting the aviation industry and the economic downturn, a decision that today pays off doubly as demand is picking up again.

Lufthansa takes this honor as an obligation to continue being oriented to the principles of sustainable development. For example, environmental care is a primary corporate goal that was set when the Aviation Group`s Strategic Guidelines were updated in 2002.

As an independent investment manager, SAM Sustainable Asset Management Indexes GmbH consults with private and institutional investors. SAM«s strategic goal is to invest in companies with a leading position worldwide that generate economic, ecological and social added value, and thereby secure competitive advantages.

The DJSI World lists more than 300 companies from 23 countries that are recognized for being leaders in the area of sustainability. The pan-European sustainability index DJSI STOXX includes more than 180 corporations from 14 countries. The annual ratings currently have an influence on 40 asset managers. The related investment volume is about 2 billion euros.


To allow the comparable evaluation of individual companies, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index was developed in cooperation with index provider Dow Jones. The DJSI shows a significantly better performance than the Morgan Stanley Composite Index (MSCI), thus making companies that are oriented to the principles of sustainability even more attractive for investors.

You can find out more about the Aviation Group«s commitment to sustainable development in the latest issue of “Balance”. Order your copy of the Journal directly from Deutsche Lufthansa AG, “Environment and Sustainability”, Postfach/P.O. Box, D-60202 Frankfurt or via the Internet at www.lufthansa.com (Category Balance).