Full Planes on New York Route

In August Finnair carried a total of 610,500 passengers (-10.2%), 492,800 of these in scheduled traffic (-10.8%) and 117,700 in leisure traffic (-8.0%).
With 2.0% less capacity and 1.5% less traffic (RPK), passenger load factor was 72.9%, 0.4 points higher than last year.

Departure punctuality of scheduled flights was 94.7% (based on a fifteen minute standard), 1.9 percentage units higher than in August 2001. Including leisure flights departure punctuality was 93.6% (+1.9 p.u).

RPKs in scheduled traffic (international + domestic) decreased by 0.2%. Respectively the change in capacity was -2.6%. Passenger load factor was 68.4%, 1.6 percentage points higher than last year.

In scheduled international traffic, premium traffic decreased by 10.2%, while the total number of passengers was down by -8.6%. Capacity in ASKs was -0.3%.

In European scheduled traffic, decrease in ASKs was -11.0%, and as RPKs decreased by -9.0%, there was a 1.3 p.u. increase in passenger load factor to 60.2% from previous year.


In North Atlantic scheduled traffic, capacity was cut by 7.2%. Change in RPKs was -7.7%, and passenger load factor for August was 93.1%, 0.5 p.u. down from previous year. Premium traffic increased by 16.6%.

In Far East scheduled traffic, capacity was increased by 41.9%. The passenger traffic increased by 32.9%. Passenger load factor was 83.5%, 5.7 percentage units down. The number of premium passengers increased by 51.4%.

Domestic scheduled traffic decreased by 13.1% on a capacity decrease of 14.9%. Passenger load factor improved by 1.1 p.u. to 54.0%.

ASKs for leisure traffic was cut in August by 0.2%, and RPKs decreased accordingly by 4.2%, resulting in a passenger load factor of 85.5%, 3.6 points lower than previous year.

Cargo loads in the scheduled traffic are increasing. In the international scheduled traffic the growth was 14.7%. As a whole, cargo traffic increased by 7.9% in terms of cargo tonnes carried.