Parliamentary Commission Disappoints SWISS

Swiss International Air Lines is disappointed that the Transport Commission of the Parliamentary Upper Chamber will not, for the time being, take a decision on the State Treaty with Germany. The application of restrictions on flight approaches to Zurich on weekends and southern German holidays, effective October 27, will mean massive operational difficulties and additional costs for SWISS.

“The facts concerning the State Treaty are on the table” explains SWISS CEO André Dosé. The Swiss airline has little understanding for the decision by the Parliamentary Upper Chamber Transport Commission not to take a decision for the time being.

It has already been taken into consideration that, already in October, the restrictive regulations come into force at weekends.

The expensive, and for the clients, inconvenient, delays hit, above all, SWISS, which is in the process of being built up. Also hit are the other airlines operating in Zurich and Unique Zurich Airport.

SWISS cannot accept the justification advanced that it is first necessary to clarify economic and legal questions resulting from the restrictions on weekend flights and during southern German holidays. It is possible to estimate the resulting damage and this has been presented in detail by the companies concerned.