11 September 2002 at CSA - A Day As Usual

On Wednesday, 11 September, all Czech Airlines airplanes will take off according to the effective timetable and under the security measures adopted almost a year ago. The flight to and from New York will also be operated as scheduled, the flight is sold out.
Czech Airlines airplanes will also take off according the effective timetable and at regular times on Wednesday, 11 September. No flight has been cancelled, flights OK050 and OK051 to and from New York will depart without any changes as well. ” These flights are fully booked according to the latest information and so there is no reason to cancel them, ” adds Dan Plovajko. Director, Public Relations.
Czech Airlines has adopted strict security measures last year after 11 September and they are still in force. “It would not be that fair to our passengers if we adopted different security measures for Wednesday, 11 September only. Security is our priority and we carefully observe it each and every day”, says Dan Plovajko
Adopted security measures guarantee our passengers maximum security and there is no reason to be worried. We believe that our passengers will feel good aboard our airplanes not only on 11 September.