Spirit Airlines Launches New Payment Processing System

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (September 4, 2002) - Spirit Airlines, the largest privately-held airline in the U.S., announces a partnership with Airline Reporting Corporation (ARC) and launches the new Payment Processing System (PPS) effective with sales beginning September 4, 2002.
ARC’s new PPS is available to accredited travel agents booking Spirit’s low-fare tickets on www.spiritair.com. This service provides an enhanced pathway for Spirit to settle commission payments to ARC accredited entities via ARC’s electronic reporting system.
With the new PPS process, travel agents will be commissioned on a weekly basis for tickets sold from the Spirit Airlines website at www.spiritair.com. The key advantage to this system is the ability to pay commissions on tickets sold each week, rather than waiting for flown revenue. Additionally, travel agents have full access to Spirit’s web fares making more low fares available for their clients. Spirit simply sends an electronic file of payments to ARC for bookings made by travel agents and the transactions are then loaded as credit memos from Spirit directly to the travel agents’ IAR sales report.
“Spirit Airlines is thrilled to pioneer the new ARC process and technologies that will make commission payments of website sales extremely efficient and cost effective for the travel agency community, said Marc Cavaliere, vice president of sales and distribution of Spirit Airlines. “Travel agent booking for both leisure and business travelers is key to Spirit’s continued success.” “ARC has been working with Spirit for many months to hone the new PPS system and we are eager to launch our joint efforts to enhance our services to the travel agent industry for a win-win solution in online travel bookings,” said Kathi Argiropoulos, vice president of travel agency services at ARC.