easyJet: Strike Action Unlikely

In the last two weeks, easyJet ramp handlers at Luton Airport have been balloted by the Transport and Gerneral Workers Union for strike action. The strike is only about union recognition - and has nothing to do with pay (the noticification of a ballot,ssent by the T&G to easyJet on 14th August made this perfectly clear).

We have been informed that 65 out of the c.120 handlers at Luton have voted in favour of strike action.

Over the course of the last two weeks, easyJet has held many meetings with the T&G, Amicus and the TUC. The last meeting was as recent as yesterday when it was recognised that progress is being made. easyJet is confident that, given that the this ballot only referred to union recognition, an amicable solution can be reached, which recognises the role that unions can play in a fast-growing progressive company.