Low Cost Airlines are Saving Money

More and more businesses are cutting their travel budgets as executives turn to low cost airlines such as Go and easyJet for their business travel needs. According to The Sunday Times this shift is set to save businesses around £1.1 billion a year.

Research carried out by Saville Rossiter-Base shows that travel budgets had been cut by up to a fifth in almost 60% of cases. In 16% of cases businesses had already begun using low cost airlines and in 24% of cases they were contemplating switching to low cost flights in the future.

Mike Platt of BTI UK, a subsidiary of Hogg Robinson the travel agent, stated, “We see the low-cost airlines as an integral part for the customers and if it suits your business requirement then use them”.

This research proves that low cost airlines make sense for the smart business traveller. Isn`t it time you slashed your business travel budget?