American Announces New Fare Policy

FORT WORTH, Texas - American Airlines today announced two new fare policies that will allow customers using lower-fare tickets in the 50 United States and Canada to change schedules and stand-by for alternate flights with change fees in certain circumstances.

American has offered customers holding non-refundable tickets the flexibility to change itineraries since 1992. American plans to continue to allow changes for non-refundable domestic tickets; however, for tickets purchased on or after Aug. 30, for travel on or after Oct. 1, the change must be made on or before the departure date of each ticketed flight segment. The ticket change fee for these tickets remains the same. After the departure date, the ticket will have no value.

American has a long history of allowing customers traveling on non-refundable tickets to stand by for other flights on their ticketed day of departure should their schedules require a change. Effective for tickets issued on or after Aug. 30 for travel on or after Jan 1, American will charge a $100 fee for customers wishing to stand by for an alternate flight on their ticketed day of departure. This fee applies only to fares that allow stand-by travel.

Customers with refundable fares can still stand by on their ticketed day of departure without a fee. Also, for tickets purchased prior to Aug. 30, American will honor the fare rules in place at the time of purchase.

These policy changes will allow American to simplify its processes and lower its operating costs, while continuing to offer fares competitive with low-cost carriers. Customers still can travel at low fares, and enjoy the benefits of American’s extensive global network, More Room Throughout Coach, the AAdvantage‰ frequent flier program, Admirals Club® lounges and other features travelers expect from American.