Entertainment for the High Life

Research shows that inflight entertainment is an increasingly important aspect of the customer experience. In an effort to make the inflight experience more enriching and less simply a means to pass the time, on 1 September, 2002 British Airways launched a repackaged on-board product - High Life Entertainment. Joining the current favourites such as the Discovery Channel and Nickelodeon, there will be six new television channels, including Film Four and MGM.

Bespoke channels will be available for sports fans and customers interested in global business news.

The current affairs offering will be bolstered with a channel dedicated to news from the BBC and CNN. A documentary style programme called ‘Made in Britain’ will examine the wealth and diversity of cultural activity throughout Britain. All programming will be highlighted through the bespoke programme ‘The Preview Show’.

Changes to the audio offering include four new bespoke channels. High Life and Business Life Radio are direct ‘spin offs’ from the award winning British Airways inflight magazines and will be hosted by John Wilson and Adrian Chiles respectively. Stuart Maconie will be choosing album essentials and Gilles Petersen hosts a mix of eclectic contemporary music from around the globe.

From 2003 a total of18 television channels, increasing the offering to World Traveller customers from 12, will be introduced across all classes with the Rockwell Collins screens on board. On those aircraft there are also ten games available for customers in World Traveller Plus, Club World and First.


With more than 2,200 hours of audio and video programming available each month, and more than 24 hours worth loaded onto every long haul flight, even the most discerning of customers will find something to enjoy.