KLM: New TV Commercial

AMSTELVEEN, August 30, 2002 - A new commercial for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will be on TV screens across Europe as of September 1, 2002. The new å‘swanå’ commercial reinforces KLMå‘s image as “The Reliable Airline”. It features the hit song “Ainå‘t no mountain high enough,” stressing KLMå‘s commitment to deliver personal services to their customers. The commercial also underscores that those who use our services can always rely on us, wherever they are.

Earlier this year, KLM assessed the impact of the commercial on a test audience of Dutch business and leisure travelers. Viewers easily identified key KLM values such as reliability, trustworthiness, solidity and freedom.

The song in the commercial, “Ain’t no mountain high enough,” was composed by Ashford and Simpson. KLM has a reputation for using worldwide hits in its commercials, including “One day I’ll fly away” by Oletha Adams and “Green, green grass of home” by Tom Jones.

The commercial will on air in Europe from September 1-30, 2002, on Eurosport, BBC World, CNN, CNN Schiphol Network and Heathrow Express Train. The commercial will be broadcast on Dutch channels starting September 23, 2002. The commercial will be taken off the air from September 10-14, in consideration of last year’s tragic events in the U.S.

The commercial was developed in cooperation with the advertising agency PMSvW/ Y&R and YokYor.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the oldest scheduled airline in the world still operating under its original name. Measured by international revenue ton-kilometer, KLM ranks 6th among the 250-plus International Air Transport Association (IATA) carriers. KLM and its partners serve almost 400 cities in 78 countries on six continents. In its core activities of passenger and cargo transport, KLM has established itself as one of the market`s leading carriers. In fiscal 2002/2001 KLM carried more than 16.1 million passengers and 502,000 tons of cargo and provided engineering and maintenance services to more than 35 airlines.