Schulte-Strathaus New Secretary General of AEA

On 1 September Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus will be leaving the Lufthansa Group to take up his new position as Secretary General of the Association of European Airlines (AEA) in Brussels. 
A highly acclaimed Lufthansa executive will thus be assuming a key function in the European aviation industry. The AEA represents the interests of 28 European airlines at European institutions in Brussels. At this key interface between business and politics Schulte-Strathaus will be in an excellent position to bring to bear his longstanding experience at Lufthansa and to represent airline interests more strongly outside the industry. Schulte-Strathaus will succeed the present Secretary General, Karl-Heinz Neumeister. 

Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus has held the post of Vice President Corporate International Relations and Government Affairs at Lufthansa since 1992. He has thus been responsible for Lufthansa`s corporate transport policy, which involves safeguarding the Group`s interests in negotiations on traffic rights issues as well as advising and representing the Lufthansa Executive Board on general policy matters. These include Lufthansa`s policy on alliances, the company`s interests in associations and its stance on EU issues.

After obtaining a law degree from Freiburg University, Ulrich Schulte-Strathaus joined Lufthansa in Cologne in 1981. In 1983 he was appointed liaison commissioner to the Executive Board to promote political contacts in Bonn and Brussels. From 1988-1992 he assumed responsibility for industrial relations, and focussed on realigning Lufthansa`s policy towards international organisations such as the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

The new head of Lufthansa`s corporate transport policy will be Thomas Kropp. As Vice President European Affairs, Kropp has represented Lufthansa`s interests at EU institutions in Brussels since 1995.