Lufthansa Committed to Principles of Sustainability

Right on time for the opening of the world summit in Johannesburg, Deutsche Lufthansa AG presents its newly designed Internet pages on sustainability. Detailed up-to-date background information on a wide range of topics concerning environmental care and sustainability across the Lufthansa Group are now available for download at (->The Group -> Balance). 
The airline`s support for projects in atmospheric research is explained, as are the comprehensive measures it has taken to cut aircraft noise. In addition to environmental data, there is a wealth of information on the companyå‘s social commitment, including on the Lufthansa HelpAlliance. 

HelpAlliance e.V. is a private, non-political and interdenominational initiative within the Lufthansa and Thomas Cook groups, which is supported by the volunteer work of many employees. Currently, they bring social responsibility to life in more that 13 help projects worldwide. In this way, the HelpAlliance provides effective support for self-help in centers for street kids, orphanages, rural hospitals, retirement homes and refugee settlements.

Lufthansa also provides direct support for numerous research projects that aim at giving scientists more accurate knowledge on the influence of air transport on the earth’s climate. At present, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a United Nations committee of climate experts, estimates that aviation has a share of 3.5 percent in the anthropogenic greenhouse effect.

To carry one passenger to Johannesburg, a Lufthansa Boeing 747-400, the type of aircraft usually operated on this route, now consumes about 3.8 liters of kerosene per 100 kilometers. For a one-way trip on the 8,700 kilometer route from Frankfurt to Johannesburg, this comes to about 330 liters per passenger.

When acquiring new aircraft, Lufthansa insists on low fuel consumption and noise emissions. The Airbus A 340-600 (will join the Lufthansa fleet from 2003) and the A 380-800 (from 2007) were all selected according to strict environmental standards.


For Lufthansa, being oriented to the principles of sustainable development means meeting not only its economic obligations but also its environmental and social responsibilities to secure growth long-term. As a result of this commitment, the company was again included in the sustainability index Dow Jones Sustainability World (DJSI) for 2002. In the worldwide benchmarking of all listed airlines, the German carrier took the top position. Lufthansa has featured in the DJSI since September 1999.