Malaysia Airlines Goes Beyond Expectation

On July 30th 2002, Malaysia Airlines announced its radical restructuring plan which cleared its balance sheet and put it in a stronger commercial position. Now, only three weeks on, the first step has been taken in what will be a sustained campaign to fulfill the promise of the restructuring. This will begin on Wednesday August 21st with the launch of a new advertising campaign that captures the spirit of the revitalized airline, its new aspirations and its new positioning in the international aviation industry.
The campaign “Going Beyond Expectations” recognizes the high quality of the airline`s service and passenger experience, whilst acknowledging a lack of awareness among the public at large, particularly in the international market. First time travellers on Malaysia Airlines frequently express how pleasantly surprised they have been at the high standard of products and services. What they were not expecting was the `Best Cabin Crew service in the world` according to Skytrax UK, and the `third best Airport Lounge In The World` at KLIA, again the subject of a recent award. What this international industry recognition means is that when the company aims to raise the profile of the airline at home and abroad, it has substantive cause to do so.
Just as Malaysia has long been the world`s best kept secret as a holiday destination, Malaysia Airlines has not been fully discovered by the travelling public. The “Going Beyond Expectations” campaign aims to bring the high quality service of Malaysia Airlines to the world`s notice.
The `Going Beyond Expectations` advertising campaign will commence in Malaysia on Wednesday, August 21, 2002 with a series of print and TV advertisements. The print campaign will run in all leading local dailies, whilst the TV campaign will be aired across all TV networks.
Subsequent worldwide coverage begins in September 2002, and will cover key markets in the Asia Pacific, Europe and the United States.