FAA Proposes $1.5 Million Civil Penalty Against United Airlines

The Federal Aviation Administration has
proposed to assess a $1.5 million civil
penalty against United Airlines, Inc.
of Chicago, Illinois, for allegedly
violating Federal Aviation Regulations.

The FAA alleges UAL failed to ensure
proper maintenance and inspection of
three JT-8D engines. On three separate
occasions between April 22, 1999 and
October 13, 1999 UAL failed to comply
with Airworthiness Directive 97-19-14,
which is designed to improve the
containment capabilities of the fourth
stage, low-pressure turbine by
replacing existing nuts with nuts of
greater strength.

The three engines were installed on UAL
aircraft and operated more than 974
flights. UAL discovered it had
improperly accomplished AD 97-19-14 on
October 26, 1999, but continued to
operate the aircraft for 124 additional
flights until November 5, 1999.  United
was cited for continuing to operate the
aircraft while it was not in compliance
with FAA regulations.

Under Title 49 U.S.C. 46301, UAL is
liable for a maximum civil penalty not
to exceed $11,000 for each violation of
the regulations. Each flight
constitutes a separate violation.

The company has 30 days from the
receipt of the FAA notice to submit a
reply to the agency. This announcement
is made in accordance with the FAA’s
practice of releasing information to
the public on newly issued enforcement
action involving penalties of $50,000
or more.