bmibaby Calls ASA Judgement Ludicrous

Despite throwing out a complaint suggesting an advertisement promoting low cost fares on bmibaby did not exist, the ASA has instructed bmibaby to remove its reservations telephone number from the same advertisements that displays internet prices. This is in spite of the fact that the advertisements indicate that surcharges are applicable for phone bookings and that the fare shown is available when booked online.
Tony Davis, managing director of bmibaby said:
“This is an absolutely ludicrous decision by the ASA as they have taken it upon themselves to extend their judgement into an area where no complaint had been lodged. This judgement clearly discriminates against those who are seeking low cost travel but do not have access to the internet and wish to discuss their travel arrangements with bmibaby reservations agents.
“We certainly intend to challenge this ridiculous judgement and I would also urge people seeking low cost travel to write to the ASA asking them on what basis they have arrived at this judgement which clearly discriminates against non internet users.
“In the meantime we will regrettably have to remove our phone number, which is 0870 264 2229, from the advertisement.”