Ryanair Responds to AUC Criticism

Last year the AUC received 77 complaints concerning Ryanair in a year during which Ryanair carried over 11 million passengers. The AUCå‘s figures reveal;

- it receives only 7 complaints from every 1 million passengers carried by Ryanair, - it receives just over 1 complaint a week from the 225,000 passengers carried each week by Ryanair, - it received 77 complaints about Ryanair, during a year when our passenger growth increased by 38% (that is over 4 million passengers in one year)

No airline in the history of British aviation has done more to bring down the cost of air travel for consumers than Ryanair. Ryanair’s fares are more than 50% cheaper than the average fare of Easyjet, and on average over 80% lower than the fares charged by British Airways. Of course we make mistakes, and of course our service suffers from occasional faults, but we do our utmost to remedy any such faults. We also have an internal customer policy of responding to all passenger complaints within 7 days of receipt.

Ryanair continues to increase its passenger numbers by 4 million per annum, and this growth in passengers numbers in all markets across Europe testifies to the true level of users satisfaction with Ryanair, rather than the 77 complaints received by the AUC. Perhaps the AUC should investigate why British Airways’ traffic has fallen by 14% in the last quarter, whereas Ryanair’s traffic increased by 40%. These figures speak for themselves.
The Chief Executive of the AUC Mr Simon Evans was recently quoted in the Observer Newspaper (Sunday 11th August) as saying that;

“The overall effect of the low cost revolution on consumer choice was a good one”.


Since Ryanair was the original and continues to be the leading low fares airline, we welcome Mr Evans’ confirmation that Ryanair’s impact on consumer choice has been a good one!