Austrian: Growth Trend Continued

Passenger volume for January to July 2002 exceeds figure for same period in 2001.

Total load factor for flights from January to July rises above 72 percent.

Following the rises of recent months, July 2002 saw another increase in the total number of passengers carried by the Austrian Airlines Group. At 920,216 passengers, the result for July 2002 represented a 1.6 % rise on the comparable period in 2001. Revenue passenger kilometers increased by 3.7 % in July, while the passenger load factor rose by 0.4 percentage points to reach a level of 79 % compared with July 2001.

At 5 million passengers, the total passenger volume for the seven-month period of January to July 2002 is 0.7 % above the figure for the comparable period in 2001. It should also be emphasised that, through tight capacity management, the total production of the Austrian Airlines Group measured in available seat kilometers was reduced by 5.3 %, while revenue passenger kilometers declined by only 3.5 %. As a result, the Group was able to increase its total passenger load factor by 1.3 percentage points to a figure of 72.2 %. At 86,633, the number of flights made to date in 2002 was 1.3 % above the figure for the comparable period last year.